The Problem of Education in Indonesia

  • Whatsapp | Education is a place of learning that can be done anywhere. Every human being must experience or run the education. The role of education is very important for humans today. Education is also useful for building human characteristics early on. To accomplish the basic education in Indonesia takes 12 years. Humans need education for their lives so that humans can develop their potency through the process of learning activities. Where there is education there must be learning. Learning itself can be done anywhere, anytime and carried out by anyone. The learning process can not only be done at school or at universities or colleges. Learning can also be done at home, conducted by parents who educate their children.

Education is a transfer process. Transfer here means teachers encode the knowledge to the students. Besides, we as students share knowledge with each other in order to add broad insights and knowledge which is increasingly developing. Education is also a process of building good citizens. With education, we as students can shape the morals of a nation of people with dignity, faith, piety to God, creative, innovative, independent and capable so that we can become democratic and responsible citizens. Education is also self-determination or what is often referred to as character building. Education is a basis for forming a good behavior in humans. The higher education he pursue, the more knowledge he can get then he can think more systematically as in the example of character education. More educated people can easily understand the good character that he must apply as personality, behavior and good moral, and ways of respecting others by humanizing humans.

But it is different from people with low education, where they find it more difficult to analyze a situation because of lack of knowledge about the character. The will assume all things must be treated the same without first knowing the right situation and condition such as speaking harshly, unable to respect people by assuming everyone is the same without looking at the terms of the language he is saying and to whom they are talking, either younger or older. So that it can be concluded that education is in addition to increasing knowledge, knowledge can also be made to continuously improve the individual and to practice the self ability towards a better life.

Definitely, there must be some problems in education. One of the problems of education in Indonesia is that education curriculum often changes. This makes the implementation always requires training and training. Until today, the 2013 Curriculum still has a lot of trainings. This means that in 7 years of it’s implementation, the mastery of the curriculum has not been final yet. So this curriculum is very complicated to be implemented in schools. The repeated curriculum changes because every time the minister of education is replaced, the meinister always change the curriculum. Students is the victim, they are often made confused. Not only the students but also the teachers will also feel confused, this can be seen from the style and method of the teacher teaching just like the way they teach using previous curriculum. Why do teachers feel confused too? Because if the curriculum changes frequently, the teacher will recreate models of learning tools and syllabus development, etc.

In addition to the curriculum problem, the problem of education in Indonesia is the length of study every day. Students are required to study for at least 12 years. Every day, students spend 7-9 hours at school. Students are also burdened by school assignments and homework assignments. Often, tasks look unreasonable because of the numerous amount. Students must be able to master many subjects. Finally students receive more than ten subjects. This makes understanding unfocused. Students know many things but shallow. It is different if the subjects are cut down to a little number of subjects only. Then students will know a few things but their knowledge is deep and focused.

Another problem with education in Indonesia is the poor infrastructure, less developed program, low quality teachers. Several times we were shocked by the collapse of the school building. Sadly, the incident took the lives of both students and teachers. There is also a teacher who teaches while wearing a helmet on his head. She was worried about falling objects of the already fragile roof. Attention to infrastructure needs to be increased.

Another problem is the quality of teachers who are still low. One reason is the lack of increased teacher capacity and training that can improve teacher understanding of the teaching and learning process. There are also teachers who teach subjects that are not in accordance with their educational background. For example, Mathematics teachers are forced to teach English Subjects. This happens in many schools in Indonesia.

By: Junda Alwafi Marzuki Mahasiswa ELED Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang.

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